Issue 268, April, 2014

   01 Eating pulau with ghee: Dhaka Art Summit 2014 MAURICE O'RIORDAN

Dhaka Art Summit 2014; image courtesy of Maurice O'Riordan

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   02 Rogerworld CRAIG JUDD

Roger Ballen, Asylum, 2013, installation views, Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), Hobart; mixed-media and found objects; images courtesy MONA; photos: MONA/Rémi Chauvinmore >

   03 In veneration of lost souls: Christian Boltanski’s Chance PEDRO DE ALMEIDA

Christian Boltanski, Last News From Humans (details), 2014, installation views, Carriageworks, Sydney; images courtesy Carriageworks; photos: Zan Wimberley

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   04 An absent presence: Anne Ferran’s ‘Shadow Land’ LEIGH ROBB

Anne Ferran, Untitled [christening gown 1978/3043/2], 2001, silver gelatin photogram, 125 x 89.5cm; © the artist

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   05 Emily Floyd: In the knowledge garden GLENN BARKLEY

Emily Floyd, Organic Practice, 2009, wooden sculptures (kota wood, huon pine, beechwood, ancient New Zealand kauri), cardboard presentation box, 60 x 61 x 40cm; image courtesy... more >

   06 Alms to stray dogs and other stories Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook in conversation with JOHN CLARK

Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook, Treachery of the Moon (still), 2012, single-channel video installation; image courtesy the artist

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   07 From ‘Australia’ to ‘America’: Painting a nation ADAM GECZY

John Singleton Copley, Portrait of a lady, 1771, oil on canvas, 126.9 x 100.3cm, Los Angeles County Museum of Art; purchased with funds provided by the American Art Council; <... more >

   08 Melbourne HOW? HANNAH MATHEWS

Ash Keating, NGV International North Wall Billboard Intervention, 2013, Weathershield Low Sheen on vinyl billboard; image courtesy the artist and the National Gallery of Vi... more >


Marea Gazzard and V.I.P, 2006, bronze; image courtesy of Utopia Art Sydney

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   10 TRIBUTE: Ningura Napurrula SARITA QUINLIVAN

Ningura Napurrula, Untitled, 2007, synthetic polymer on Belgian linen, 183 x 122cm; courtesy Papunya Tula Artists

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Sam Ure-Smith, 1961; image courtesy National Archives of Australia (A1200, L39472); photo: W. Brindle

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