Issue 277, March, 2015

   01 A broadened perspective: The NGV’s Tony Ellwood in conversation – Michael Fitzgerald

Tony Ellwood with works by Brent Harris; from left: No. 21, No. 9 and No. 26 (The reassembled self), 2011, charcoal and gouache on plywood, 42 x 31cm; National Gallery of Victo... more >

   02 Capitalising culture: Horsham Regional Art Gallery’s rural renaissance – Jarrod Rawlins

Horsham Regional Art Gallery (HRAG), Wilson Street elevation, artist’s impression; image courtesy HRAG

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   03 Echoing across the pond: Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, 1987–2014 – Jane Raffan

Christian Thompson, We Bury Our Own, exhibition view, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne, 2012; image courtesy Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne

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   04 In your own time: Alicia Frankovich’s Defending Plural Experiences – Ash Kilmartin

Alicia Frankovich, Defending Plural Experiences, 2014, performance views, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, 2014; live performance, 4 hour duration; images cou... more >

   05 The unfinished archive (or the pleasure of looking through other people’s things) – Julia Powles

Bianca Hester, Please leave these windows open overnight to enable the fans to draw in cool air during the early hours of the morning, exhibition view, ACCA, Melbourne, 2010; i... more >

   06 Inside the circle: A life among artists – Sheridan Palmer

Jean Langley 1958, Heide Museum of Modern Art Archive, Melbourne; photo: John Yule; © Estate of John Yule

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   07 Platforms, prizes and PYTHAGORAS: ‘Singapore Art Week 2015’ – Chloé Wolifson

Ho Tzu Nyen, PYTHAGORAS, 2013, video still from installation with 4-channel HD video, 8-channel sound, automated curtain track, fans, lights and show control mechanism, dimensi... more >

   08 Sculpture in the bush: Surveying ‘The McClelland’ – Sasha Grishin

Sonia Payes, Re:Generation, 2014, fibreglass, UV stable gelcoat; 3 elements: 500 x 230 x 230cm; 250 x 230 x 230cm; 125 x 230 x 23cm; image courtesy the artist and McClelland Sc... more >

   09 Cultural freight: ‘Fashion Icons’ in Adelaide – Sally Gray

Fashion Icons: Masterpieces from the collection of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, from left: Comme des Garçons, dress, ready-to-wear, Autumn–Winter 2012–13, Les Arts Décoratifs... more >

   10 Seeking resolution: ‘Hito Steyerl: Too Much World’ – Ellie Buttrose

Hito Steyerl, Strike, 2010, installation with 46-inch flat screen mounted on two freestanding poles, HD video file, 28sec; image courtesy Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam; © Hito Steye... more >

   11 New beginnings: ‘Pop to popism’ – Juliana Engberg

Martha Rosler, Cleaning the Drapes, from the series ‘House Beautiful: Bringing the War Home’, 1967–72, photomontage; courtesy the artist and Mitchell-Innes & Nash,
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